ChairSlippers, LLC was founded in 2003 in response to a common problem among all schools, protecting and preserving their classroom floors. For decades, educators have tried to get their hands on used tennis balls to use as chair glides. The first problem was they had to be cut, which can be dangerous and very time consuming. Secondly, they would fall off after a short time causing the same damage and noise as before.

ChairSlippers are pre-cut tennis balls with an extra thick reinforced rubber interior and heavy duty wool blend felt for an attractive, long lasting, tight fitting and economical solution for schools, hospitals, restaurants and anyone wanting to protect their floors.

An added bonus was immediately brought to our attention by educators, noise reduction in the classrooms. ChairSlippers eliminate the scraping and scratching every time a chair or desk is moved, providing a much better learning environment for students and teachers.

We at ChairSlippers look forward to continuing to provide our customers with the best products and service in the industry.

Thank you to all of our current and future customers!