We have organized some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received since the day we started. These are the top 7 questions we hear but if you have a question that is not on this page please don't hesitate to call a Chair Slippers representative. We will be happy to assist you with any question. The toll free number is 877-322-4247.

1What's the difference between the ChairSlipper and a regular tennis ball?
There are more differences than people realize. The most obvious difference is the unique size of the MiniSlipper. Approximately half the size of a regular tennis ball, the MiniSlipper provides you with a tighter fit on the chair and desk legs. The MiniSlippers are also pre-cut and have a thicker rubber core than a regular tennis ball. In addition, the MiniSlippers are available in a variety of stylish colors suitable for the classroom environment.
2How long can we expect the ChairSlippers to last in the classroom?
ChairSlippers have been manufactured to outlast any product on the market. Because of their unique design, thick rubber core and extra duty wool felt, we have had schools use our product for five or more years!
3Do the ChairSlippers come with a Guarantee?
Yes, ChairSlippers come with a 3 year guarantee against defects. If you recieve a defective ChairSlipper you can return it and we'll send a replacement at no charge. We want our customer to be 100% satisfied with our slippers.
4Will the Mini ChairSlippers fit on all school furniture?
The only furniture that the MiniSlippers will not fit is square wooden chairs and desks.
5Are the Mini ChairSlippers more difficult to remove than a regualr tennis ball?
Absolutely! The smaller design and thicker rubber insure that the slippers are more difficult for the students to remove.
6Can I stack the chairs after the Mini ChairSlippers have been installed?
Definitely! Another great advantage to the MiniSlippers is that you can stack the chairs easily and as high as you always have in the past. Once they are installed, stacked chairs will glide easier on the floor.