Gordon Schamber

Baton Rouge Lutheran School

"The chair slippers are so good we don't need to replace any ... yet. We love them."

Tammy Leblanc

Wisdom Middle School

"We LOVE your product! The ChairSlippers are so colorful and so much better than regular tennis balls. We had a recommendation from an evaluator to place these on every chair in the school to help prevent noise for the hearing impaired students. Cost wise, they are comparable to buying regular tennis balls and they work so much better! I totally support your product and will be sure to order more ChairSlippers in the future."

Burleigh Huntoon

Barnet School District

"I'm very impressed with your product! Our floors cleanup quicker and the floor finish stayed all year. All we had to do was our regular burnishing. Best of all, they stay on the chairs! All of the other glides that we have tried in the past fall off after only a short period of time."

Marisol Aguilar

San Miguel Avenue School

"Our school appreciates having ChairSlippers. They are great for the classroom chairs, very convenient, noiseless and our staff and students like them a lot. Thank you for creating the mini slipper."

Glenn Ching

Director of Finance Iolani School, Honolulu, HI

"We have been using ChairSlippers since 2005. Most of our upper schools have vinyl flooring. Those classrooms have ChairSlippers on the desks. The teachers have commented that desk movements are less noisy and students can move their desks easier. The custodians like the ChairSlippers since they prevent floor scratching so that stripping of the floor wax wasn't necessary for two years now. It saves time and money considering the low cost of ChairSlippers, their durability, verses the cost of custodial labor and floor treatments. The floors look great longer."

Jerie Ruiz

Port Huron Area School District

"As a teacher of the hearing impaired, I love your product! They eliminate classroom noise from sliding chairs. They may be good for preventing scuffs on flooring, but they are also great for kids who wear hearing aids."

Curtis Basso

Director of Transportation & Maintenance Prairie Spirit School Division Pilot Mound, Manitoba, Canada

"Just an update on how the ChairSlipper product has been working for us. I have been getting rave reviews from our schools about the ChairSlipper product. Teachers love the quieter classrooms, school custodians are reporting reductions in floor maintenance up to 50% less floor wax use due to less wear and tear on the floors. Fewer are lost in comparison with similar competitive products. We realized almost $1500.00 dollars savings in floor products in one school the first year alone. Our custodians take great pride in having clean, shining floors and the use of ChairSlippers has allowed our custodial staffs to have floor finishes look better, longer with less labour. Added benefits are quieter classrooms and the product has paid for itself in the first year alone Quieter, lower costs, great looking floors longer with less labor and satisfied staff how can I not be impressed?"

Ken Brodel

Business Manager, Jackson Christian School, Jackson, TN

"Wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate you sending me the samples of your product some 2 years ago. As Business Manager of a school of 1,000 students one of the hats I wear is to oversee maintenance and purchasing. Over the last ten years I have tried various products that promise to solve the problem of desks scratching the tile floors with little to moderate success. Our school is recognized as a leader by visitors to our campus as well as by our parents, students and employees with regards to the cleanliness and overall appeal of our buildings and campus. We spend a considerable amount of time on our tile floors to keep them looking good to maintain the high standard that people have come to expect of us. Therefore, I always have my eye out for better ways to preserve our investment. When I first saw your product, I thought, "Wow, that's rather expensive and how will it work compared to the other products I have tried." Well, after giving it much thought, I tried a sampling of your product in a couple classrooms for a year. To say the least, I was very happy with the results. The Mini ChairSlippers not only look great, they wear great and don't fall off the desk/chair feet resulting in having no protection for the floor plus the expense of constantly putting new caps on the desk feet. Your product has made a believer out of me. Therefore, I will continue to add the mini "Chair Slippers" to 4-6 classrooms every year as part of my annual budgeting."

Sr. Mary Elizabeth

"This past summer I ordered ChairSlippers for the first time.  What a difference they have made at St. Augustine school.  We have two floors of classrooms with the top floor designated for grades 5 through 8.  These students change classrooms every 42 minutes.  Prior to this year the lower grade students had to endure the moving of desks and chairs.  This no longer happens!  In fact, the voice levels within the school have considerably lowered.  We now realize they were having to talk above the movement of the desks and chairs."